How Much Does A Crown Cost?

how much does a crown cost

Dental crowns typically start about 715 EUR per tooth depending upon your unique dentist, insurance coverage and needs. The exact price of a tooth crown depends upon the type of crown, as well as material that’s used. Porcelain crowns may differ in price from metal or resin crowns, for instance. Keep on reading to learn what impacts the price of a dental crown and what it is possible to expect to pay.

Dental Crown: What is it?

A tooth crown is a “cap” or cover the dental professional may place over a tooth. The crown restores a tooth to its usual function, size, and shape. A crown may make the tooth stronger, or it can improve the way it appears.

Reasons you might require a crown:

  • You need to cover a badly shaped or discoloured tooth, as well as improve your smile
  • You had root canal treatment — the dental crown is going to protect your restored tooth
  • There is a tooth that’s worn down, cracked, or otherwise weakened
  • There is a cavity that’s too big for a filling

​What Affects the Price of a Dental Crown?

Crowns are utilised by dental professionals for a variety of reasons. They may cover discoloured or broken teeth, protect a damaged baby tooth, or screw into a dental implant.

Therefore, how much will a tooth crown cost? Firstly, there are preliminary expenses, such as X-rays, exams, fittings, or lab fees. At Rathgar Dental Clinic, this is how it breaks down:

  • The shade or colour of the tooth
  • The quantity of tooth which shows as you smile
  • Your preference
  • Gum tissue position
  • Tooth’s function and location

Placing a Dental Crown

Usually, it takes two dental visits to complete the procedure. As the crown is placed over the natural tooth, multiple steps are involved:

  1. The dentist gets the tooth ready by removing its exterior portion so the tooth crown will fit. All decay also is removed. If extra tooth structure is necessary to support the crown, the dentist might build up the core of your tooth.
  2. An impression will be made to offer a precise model for your crown. The impression may be made from a mould or digitally scanning your tooth.
  3. You might get a temporary dental crown while waiting for your permanent crown to be prepared. Usually, it takes less than two weeks. As you have a temporary crown, your tooth might be sensitive to cold and hot. Don’t chew gum and eat sticky foods at this time. If the dentist has specialised equipment, you might have the ability to get the new dental crown on the same day.
  4. As the new dental crown is prepared, the dentist places it inside your mouth and makes any necessary adjustments. As you and the dentist are satisfied with how it feels and looks, the crown gets cemented into place.

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